Nancy K. Butterworth is a college English professor turned potter. Her interest in clay began during the late 1970s as a hobby and grew by the early 1990s into an obsession and finally a profession. All of her work is hand-built. Fascinated by the plasticity yet strength of clay, she works mainly with thin porcelain and stoneware slabs that she rolls by hand. She is also intrigued by textures, especially delicate leaves, lace and fish, which she impresses into the forms. Fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln, the dishes, bowls, and platters are meant to be functional. Their glazes are food safe, and they can be used in conventional ovens, though microwaving and dishwashing are not recommended. The thin open cutwork pieces are intended for decorative use only.

Since retiring from teaching English at the University of South Carolina in 2009, Nancy has been able to spend more time making pottery in her home studio in Columbia. In 2011 she and her husband, Keen, purchased a home in Eldorado, an art and solar community just south of Santa Fe, where they spend part of the year and have finished construction on a studio. She continues to exhibit her work in galleries and shows in South Carolina, as well as venues in New Mexico.

Pieces in NM Magazine holiday catalog

Nancy's work is featured in the November issue of the New Mexico Magazine holiday catalog. To purchase these pieces, please email, and put NM MAGAZINE PURCHASE in the Subject line. Prices are $20 per dish or 6 for $100, plus Priority Mail shipping of $14 for 1-2 or $18 for 6.